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USSSA Update


By Gerry Turnberg

USSSA State Director

Central Divisional Vice President


Legal Bats

Is the Easton Smoker legal? How about the Synergy? This time of year, our phones are ringing with these questions. Which bats are approved and which aren’t for the 2011 season?

Go to the national website at and look at the 2011 Rule Book online. Rule 2, Section 2 gives the definition and the performance standard for legal bats. Before you go out and spend $300 on a bat, go to and scroll down to “licensed bats” and click on it. There will be a list of all bats that have been approved for the 2011 season.

In October 2010, USSSA’s National Office issued a statement regarding new bat standards that will be in effect starting January 1, 2013. USSSA is giving bat manufacturers and participants two years to get rid of their inventory of bats. You can read the full announcement on the national website at

In part, the announcement reads: “USSSA has a long history with 1.20 BPF standard developed on principals of physics by Dr. Richard Brandt of NYU. While the current standard of 1.20 BPF for softball bats remains, in our view, the appropriate level for competition, the current generation of composite bats is susceptible to alteration and improvement with overuse.

“As such, USSSA attempted to address the issue by providing stiff penalties for those who use altered bats and is attempting to help develop an on-field testing device to determine when bats might, through overuse or alteration, exceed the 1.20 BPF standard. In addition, USSSA has reduced the compression (that is, hardness of the ball) used in slow pitch from at one time in excess of 700# to 325# for today’s balls.

“And lastly, USSSA has reduced the weight of the ball, again in an attempt to maintain the proper competitive level of play. With all of that done, USSSA still finds the possibility of altered and overused composite bats to be a concern.

“Accordingly, beginning in 2011, USSSA will revamp its 1.20 BPF testing procedures to reduce the possibility of improved performance of carbon fiber bats with overuse or alteration while maintaining the 1.20 BPF standard. Bats passing the new test will carry a new and easily identifiable USSSA mark on the taper of all USSSA licensed bats. Old bats with the old USSSA BPF Mark currently are expected to be grandfathered through the end of the 2012 season.

“Additionally, USSSA softball bats with the new Mark are not currently expected to be available until late fall of 2011.

“USSSA has always put the safety of its participants FIRST.”


C/D World NIT wrap-up

This past weekend, 22 teams battled the rain, cold and wind at BeBops in Blaine in a C/D World NIT.  Congratulations to Xtreme/Combat (Brooklyn Center) for capturing the title, $600 and a paid berth to Disney for the Men’s “C” World Tournament Sept. 22-25. 

Congratulations to Compass Commercial Flooring (Little Canada) for their fourth-place finish and being the highest finishing “D” team and earning a paid “D” berth and $ 400 to compete in the “D” World Tournament in Orlando, Fla., on Sept. 22-25.

In the Men’s “E” World NIT, congratulations to CA Gear/Paddywagon’s/CST (Apple Valley) for claiming top honors and a paid berth to their World Tournament in Orlando, Fla., on Sept. 15-18 and $300.


Wood Bat Tourney set for Sept. 10-11

We are going to have a “Wood Bat” tournament sponsored by Combat Sports September 10-11. There will be two divisions: “competitive” for players who played Class “C” and above, and “recreational” for players who played D and E during the summer.


Check out the Minnesota USSSA website and view the listings of all tournaments. You can also print out copies of numerous fliers for weekend tournaments.


Minnesota USSSA/MRPA Website


National USSSA Website Access


If I can be of any assistance in any of your softball needs, please call 763.571.1305 x 108 or 1-800-862-3659 x108 or email, or stop by my office at 200 Charles Street NE in Fridley, MN 55432.

Remember – it is you, the player, coach, fan and umpire that make USSSA a GREAT organization and the place to be!