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Summer tournament schedule heating up


By Don Bowman


There will be a LOT of great softball tournaments in the next several weekends Ė donít forget to mark your calendar! On July 15-17, the one, the only, 53rdannual Firemans Tournament, will be held at Valley View Park in Bloomington. You wont want to miss it!

There is nothing like the people watching, at the Valley View fenced fields especially on Friday and Saturday night, a true softball extravaganza with 160 teams expected! Tourney director Jeff ďBarnseyĒ Barnes, ď#164Ē, will put on another incredible show. I guarantee it!

Other shout outs to Duk Duk Daze on July 15-17 (New Hope), the Crystal Frolics on July 29-31, and back by special request, Duck Soup in St. Louis Park on August 27-28!


Menís ASA Tournaments on the horizon

MN ASA is sponsoring menís over-35 state slow pitch tournaments on July 29-31 in Owatonna, and the over-40 menís fastpitch state tourney in Mankato on August 27. For more info, go to the Minnesota Sports Federation website ( They should be a blast!


Long Haul Bomber Tour update

The Long Haul Bomber Tour just made a stop at Petco Park in San Diego this past week. The results were: BJ Fulk (Worth) 10 points, Brett Helmer (Easton) 10 points and Brian Wegman (Easton), also 10 points. No word if anyone stepped in any dog doo-doo during the course of the contest!


Auto Rescue wins Summerfest

Auto Rescue out of the Little Canada double-dipped the Robbie Rocket Flying Circus (Easton/Hooters/Rockets) in the finals of the Summerfest Softball Tournament held in Oakdale this past weekend. The Rockets were heavy favorites to win, but it just goes to show you that menís Class C softball is very competitive in Minnesota these days!


Oh say, can you sing?

Tim Bothoff, a senior softball pitching star from the metro area, sang the national anthem for Minnesota Twins game on June 19! While he is no Mahalia Jackson, Tim was outstanding!


Titans take a tournament title

Congratulations to the Titans Softball Club for winning the Rockin Rogers Days tourney last weekend as well. In the finals, the Titans nipped King Solutions, while Wicked and EMS finished third and fourth, respectively.


McQuade Softball Tourney recap

The annual McQuade Softball Tourney in North Dakota, one of the largest in the nation, had to be rain shortened this year, with most of the action wrapping up on Saturday night. Held June 24-26 near Bismarck, this tournament was scheduled to host a whopping 478 teams, but numbers were cut off at a paltry 278 teams, due to field shortages. In the menís open bracket, Sonnyís of Wyoming was the undefeated team and were crowned champs in their bracket, while Fargo TFA outslugged Sioux Nation out of Red Wing for menís Class C hardware.


Inquiring minds want to know

Long-time reader Stu Podassel writes in, ďDiamond Don, how come there are so many softball tournaments at privately owned facilities like Povs, BeBops and the Stadium, and what seems like fewer events at public parks these daysĒ? Good question, Stu! I think we are fortunate to have places like Povs, BeBops, Stadium, etc., because you are right, some of the other beautiful ballparks around like Burnsville, Little Canada, Woodbury and others do in fact play less events. Regrettably, due to local restrictions, increased insurance liability and alcohol permit red tape, private groups like ball teams and communities do not want to go through the hassle like they did in the old days.


One final issue of the season

A reminder, make sure you get all of your softball/baseball ďfodderĒ into Letís Play Softball by early July as that will be the LAST publication of the season! The last issue will feature our 2011 softball bats contest/reviews. You wonít want to miss it!