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Coming to the plate


Welcome to the 2011 baseball and softball season, and to Letís Play Softball/Letís Play Baseballís 26thyear of publication.

Thatís an incredible number, especially when you consider all the sports publications that have gone by the wayside along the way. But weíve been with you every step of the way for the past 25 years, and plan to be for 25 more and beyond.

This is your newspaper. Youíre the folks who pick up a copy at any number of locations. Youíre the ones who marked your calendars months ago for the Corkyís, Dudley Early Bird, Firemanís, Dudley Classic and, hopefully, well beyond into state and national tournaments.

Weíve evolved alongside the game over the years. From the big-time superstars to the statewide powerhouse teams, the past 25 years have brought an array of coverage to the pages of LPS.

With dedicated softball hounds like Don Bowman, our columnist, and Mike Thill, our photographer who gets dozens of calls each week from players who want a copy of his pictures, thereís plenty more in store.

Mostly, we rely on you, the readers, to help spread the word about your teams, leagues and association. Is your team hot, and deserving of some notice in LPS? Let us know. Heck, surveys have shown youíre online 90 percent of the time youíre at work anyway, so drop us a note, let us know how your team fared in the tournament over the weekend. Send us a team photo to go along with it.

Sponsors have been known to really appreciate their players taking the time to get a little extra bang for their bucks with a team photo or tournament report in LPS. But because Minnesota is No. 1 in the nation in the number of softball teams registered with the various governing bodies, we donít attempt to cover all the tournaments.

In short, Minnesota is just as crazy for softball in the summer as it is for hockey in the winter. Our flagship publication, Letís Play Hockey, has taken a similar approach of allowing teams to spread their own word, and weíll begin Year 41 of that publication later this summer.

As we all know, itís never taken much to get a softball player to brag. Now just brag in an e-mail to us at Weíll make your copy family-friendly. As youíve seen, weíve also tried to help spread the word about Minnesota baseball in the past few years. From 10-and-under to townball to the Twins, teams have found our publication the only one of its kind.

Just like we do in Letís Play Hockey, we encourage all youth baseball teams to e-mail their tournament reports and photos to

And because we had so many requests for them, weíll be back with the only statewide youth baseball rankings in Minnesota. The youth baseball rankings have been a home run, and were yet another reason for a kid to pick up something to read. Weíre also in need of youth coaches to help us with the baseball rankings. Let us know if youíre interested at

Finally, thanks for making Letís Play Softball/Letís Play Baseball the stateís premier softball/baseball publication for 25 years. And remember, keep those stories and photos coming.