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USSSA Update - May 3, 2012


By Gerry Turnberg

USSSA State Director


Congratulations to Xtreme/Combat for capturing the Men’s Open NIT, April 16, in Burnsville with a perfect 4-0 record. They earned a paid berth to the USSSA “B” World in Kissimmee, Fla., on Sept. 14-16.

With their strong second-place finish in Burnsville, Team Stoop/ATL Analysis/Dog House will receive a paid berth to the USSSA “C” World Tournament in Kissimmee on Sept. 20-23.

Burdick Builders of Lakeview finished a perfect 6-0 in Burnsville and captured the “D” National Qualifier and a berth to St. Louis, Mo., for the Central Division “D” Nationals over Labor Day Weekend.


Bat Testing: Burnsville was the first opportunity we had to test bats in the field. I thought it went extremely well considering it was the first time. We want teams to play on an even playing field. The bats that did not meet USSSA’s standards were taken from and given back to their owners when their team was eliminated from the tournament. Just a fair warning for those of you with illegal bats, knowingly using an illegal bat could result in a suspension of at least one year.


Bat Standards: The performance standard for all the bats will be a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) or 1.20 or less. The BPF was developed by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) Softball Bat Performance Study. All bats must be permanently marked with a BPF of 1.20 or less by the manufacturer. This is the last year these bats will be “grandfathered” for use. Starting in 2013, all bats must have the new permanent USSSA mark on its taper or be a wood bat. If you have a question on whether a bat is approved for use, go to our National website at Select “Slowpitch” and then click on “Licensed Equipment-New Bat Rule” near the bottom of the entries in the left margin. You will find a list of all approved bats and a picture of the new permanent USSSA logo that must be on the taper of all bats starting next year.


Men’s B&C Bonus Money: We will have six NIT’s for Men’s “C” teams and four that will include Men’s “B” teams. You can play in 3, 4, 5, or all 6 to get discounted entry fees and the chance to earn bonus money at the end of the season.

We will have a special point system for the NIT’s, and we will count your points for your top three events. If you only play in three NIT’s, that will be your total. If you play in five events, we will count your top three finishes.

Participation points are based on the number of teams entered in the tournament. 3 points for every team entered. 4 points for tournaments that have 2 or more “B” teams entered. (Example: If there is an 18 team tournament with 3 “B” teams entered, each team will earn 4 x 18 = 72 points.)

The first-place team will also earn 10 x # of teams entered. Using the example from above, the first-place team would earn 10 x18 = 180 points. Each placement after first place will go down 10 points according to the example listed below. Total points earned per each tournament equals tournament placement plus participation points.


1st:                       180+72=252 points

2nd:                      170+72=242 points

3rd:                      160+72=232 points

4th:                      150+72=222 points

5th & 6th:             140+72=212 points

7th & 8th:             130+72=202 points

9th - 12th:            120+72=192 points

13th - 16th:          110+72=182 points

17th & 18th:        100+72=172 points


The three NIT tournaments that you earned the most points in will be your total to receive the bonus money. The bonus money will be paid by MN USSSA at your USSSA World Tournament. The bonus money is:


1st Place:            $1,000

2nd Place:           $600

3rd Place:           $300


Highest finishing “C” team will receive $1,000. Visit our state website at to see the standings.


A Must Read Book: For anyone who ever played, coached, or is a fan of the Golden Valley Girls’ Softball Program, you must read “The Game is for the Girls” by Bob Mattison. “The Game is for the Girls” is a very informative and entertaining book on the history of girls’ softball in Golden Valley.


State Hall of Fame: We are accepting applications for our State Hall of Fame. The criteria for enshrinement into the Hall are listed on our website. To get applications for this, please contact my office or visit our website at


State Hall of Fame Golf Tournament: Our Hall of Fame Golf Tournament will be Thursday, June 14, to benefit our State Hall of Fame. This is a fun-filled day. The tournament is a four person scramble with an 11:30 a.m., shotgun start. The entry fee includes: golf, cart, golf shirt, barbecue, tee gifts, door prizes and games on every hole. Please contact me or download a flyer from our website.


Minnesota USSSA/MRPA Website:


National USSSA Website Access:


If I can be of any assistance in any of your softball needs, please call me at 763-571-1305 x 108 or 1-800-862-3659 x 108, e-mail me at, or stop by my office at 200 Charles Street NE, Fridley, MN 55432.

REMEMBER – It is you, the player, coach, fan, director, umpire and association that make USSSA a GREAT organization and the place to be!