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NSF-MSF Softball Report - June 28, 2012


By Perry Coonce & Steve Ketter



Cambridge Qualifier Up Next

The final state/national qualifier of 2012 is set for the Cambridge Softball Complex on July 7-8. Deadline to enter is Monday, July 2.

This is the final opportunity besides state tournament play, to qualify for the 2012 Class DD-E Menís Slow Pitch National Softball Federation North American Championships on Labor Day Weekend in Minnesota.

NSF Championships will save Minnesota teams excessive travel expense/time, offer a lower national entry fee and more games guaranteed not to mention tiered championship brackets that better balance the levels of play. A player/guests party will also be held.

The Womenís NSF North Americans will be held on Labor Day Weekend at the Cambridge Softball Complex and offer the same advantages as the menís divisions.


NSF ē MSF State Tournament Play Just Around the Corner

By now, all member league directors have received their tournament entry forms for 2012 post-season tournament play. If unsure, please contact your league director to see if you qualify to play.


Serious Softball Injuries a Major Concern

Although the major national softball associations who receive generous bat licensing fees donít want to hear or track it for that matter, serious softball injuries continue to occur due to the trampoline effect of the bats.

Already this season one Minnesota pitcher has lost vision in one eye and required facial reconstruction surgery. Another pitcher was struck in the face with the new ďdeaderĒ 52/300 ball in use. There are probably many other injuries we have not heard of, unfortunately.

Both high school and college baseball have taken dramatic steps to limit the liveliness of bats and thus make the game much safer and put performance back into perspective. When will the major softball governing bodies follow suit or are they too dependent on the generous bat licensing dollars? The 98 mph bat speed is still too lively to deem the game safe for the 95 percent who play the game recreationally with the hope of going to work the next day in one piece.


Kickball Cuts Into Softball Participation

Due in large measure to the less recreational nature of softball because of lively bats and the influence of soccer, kickball is more and more becoming the adult sport of choice for many, especially co-rec. Due to the huge popularity of soccer in youth/high school play and the sports specialization that occurs, many kids and thus adults have barely ever picked up a bat or ball.


Tournament Hosts Deserve Kudos

Without willing and capable tournaments hosts there would be no sanctioned weekend or post-season tournament play. A big thank you to all the tournament hosts and personnel who work so hard for oftentimes little reward on behalf of the players, umpires and spectators.